Energy Integrals brings together the most appropriate technologies to provide system-wide solutions to achieve cost savings, improve productivity, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other environmental impacts. We bring expertise in system integration, project financing, and management.

Technology & Business Solutions
We provide technology and business expertise to building owners, operators and developers to design and implement integrated energy efficient and renewable energy systems that will reduce energy and operational costs, carbon footprint, and other environmental impacts.

OUR PURPOSE: To create sustainable and efficient energy systems for buildings and communities to the benefit of all stakeholders for generations to come.

LOW COST MODEL: We build on our relationships with technology suppliers to bring you the lowest cost and last innovations, as we design an optimized and integrated technology and business solution.

SECTOR COVERAGE: EI Solutions works across Nigeria and Internationally with a wide target customers across commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, local governments and remote communities, and other commercial and industrial applications.